Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fat and Cholesterol
are not the villains: The Dirty Little Secret of the Heart Hypothesis.

"Normal cholesterol" doesn't guarantee healthy heart.

The "low fat diets will prolong your life fantasy": or why scientists and other groups fall prey to the fads called “informational cascades.”

43 hour tumor operation: fascinating in every way. Interesting side note; in the accompanying slide show one image is described with these words: Surgeons spent many hours dissecting organs and tissues that had become stuck together from scarring caused by radiation treatments.

New York City has released a fat-drinking video to fight obesity:

No shot for me, please. The people of Hawaii have passed a resolution against forced vaccination laws. 

Rapid H1N1 evolution in Beijing raises concerns. 

What we (already) knew in 1924 (and have mostly forgotten): Using sodium bicarbonate against the swine flu and other bugs. 

The sad aspect of our expensive health care system is the institutionalized ignorance about the role of non-pharmaceutical prevention of 80% of what costs all of us in this debate: heart disease, strokes, hypertension, many cancers, diabetes, alzheimer's, peripheral vascular disease, and so on.

“Pregnancy is what we call a teachable moment..." If you are obese, the goal is to not gain weight while pregnant.

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