Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fat and Cholesterol
are not the villains: The Dirty Little Secret of the Heart Hypothesis.

"Normal cholesterol" doesn't guarantee healthy heart.

The "low fat diets will prolong your life fantasy": or why scientists and other groups fall prey to the fads called “informational cascades.”

43 hour tumor operation: fascinating in every way. Interesting side note; in the accompanying slide show one image is described with these words: Surgeons spent many hours dissecting organs and tissues that had become stuck together from scarring caused by radiation treatments.

New York City has released a fat-drinking video to fight obesity:

No shot for me, please. The people of Hawaii have passed a resolution against forced vaccination laws. 

Rapid H1N1 evolution in Beijing raises concerns. 

What we (already) knew in 1924 (and have mostly forgotten): Using sodium bicarbonate against the swine flu and other bugs. 

The sad aspect of our expensive health care system is the institutionalized ignorance about the role of non-pharmaceutical prevention of 80% of what costs all of us in this debate: heart disease, strokes, hypertension, many cancers, diabetes, alzheimer's, peripheral vascular disease, and so on.

“Pregnancy is what we call a teachable moment..." If you are obese, the goal is to not gain weight while pregnant.

Monday, December 14, 2009

CT Scans
done in 2007 will KILL 15,000 Americans and CAUSE 29,000 cancers.

Children covered by Medicaid are given powerful anti psychotic medicines at a rate four times higher than children whose parents have private insurance.

Painkiller deaths double in Ontario.

FDA moves to reform food labels. Five interesting new designs.

7 foods that food safety experts won't eat.

Fructose implicated in higher cholesterol and liver damage.

DIETARY FAT: The percentage of calories that a person got from fat, as opposed to protein or carbohydrates, had nothing to do with how much weight they gained in the coming years.

ON THE OTHER HANDthe western diet turns on fat genes. Highly palatable, energy-dense foods may activate genes that make us obese. CARBS.

Raw Milk
: Is support a mile wide and an inch deep?

People who look young for their age live longer. Appearance alone can predict survival. Hmm

Can you judge a person's health simply by smelling their bodily waste? More accurate and faster than traditional diagnosis.

pasta alternatives.

Friday, December 11, 2009

The great pandemic:
a milder flu season than average. Meanwhile, in Germany, only 5% of the population has gotten the much pushed H1N1 vaccine but the German population seems not to be keeling over with flu deaths. But if you should be one of the few people who actually get some kind of flu this year, don't count on Tamiflu.

Meanwhile, the swine flu push has put other public health work on hold, like restaurant inspections.

But are we healthier?
We spend nearly twice as much on prescription drugs as we did a decade ago.

I turn on the Internet and in the media, it seems there’s something about raw milk." Fictional FDA dialogue based on positive real world trends for raw milk.

Alcohol? no; cigarretes? no. Raw milk? Yes
-- an "immanent health threat."The Georgia milk dump:

Let the consumer decide about raw milk.

Sound sleep
leads to healthy eating habits; less desire for sugar. Less sleep increases hunger. 

Abnormal heart rhythm
, atrial fibrillation, on the rise. (Nutrient depletion on the rise...) A little B-complex magnesium and CoQ10 can fix this in a hurry.

wants to sell its cholesterol drug Crestor to certain people with normal cholesterol levels.

Selling information about which doctors prescribe which drugs is big business.

Because certain types of chemotherapy can cause heart problems. Oh and Prostrate Hormone Therapy ("androgen deprivation therapy" -- sounds positively medieval) may up heart risks, too.

Become fat and lazy
and get dementia thrown in for free.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

“We can sell tobacco products
, why can’t we sell raw milk?” 

No, not really: 
beer could be the new weapon against prostate cancer. Dream on, men. So much "science." so little real progress against cancer.

Forget beer
. You want fermentation that's truly healthy? Try this.

Raw milk: South Dakota farmers under attack from the state Department of Agriculture. Long, important letter to the editor here. Hat tip: The Bovine. 

Our ancestors had straight teeth so why don't we?

Feeding the world:
organic production delivers. The current use of "non-renewable resources (oil at mineral   phosphates, for example), at huge cost to soil, water, wildlife and environment" can hardly be called efficient.

and aggression: all in the mind?

Cutting sugar
in kids cereals is at best a baby step in the right direction; but these junk products will never be real food. Good marketing, yes; nutrition, no.

Speaking of processed foods and children, a new article asks why children are being born with chronic dieseases. Using the famous Pottenger cat studies the author reminds us "it only took one generation of processed foods to impair the health of the next generation of cats."

Another reason avoiding excess Omega 6 fatty acids is critical: Omega 6 Linoleic Acid suppresses thyroid signalling.

Umm: natural, herbal product of the day: instant virgin.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The great pandemic: Study confirms low mortality for swine flu.

Interest in getting flu shots declining.

Vitamin D finding of the day: may improve melanoma survival.

Microbial exposure early in life helps control inflammation as we get older.

The raw milk wars are heating up again, this time in the state of Wisconsin. Raw milk guru David Gumpert has a detailed write-up about what's going on here and here. It's all coming down to a December 21st  court date for Max Kane, WI raw milk drinker, activist and seller. A huge rally in his support is planned that day outside the courthouse. A workshop will also be held. Some of the biggest in names in the US raw milk movement will be speaking. Rally information here. The Journal of Natural Food and Healing is also sounding the trumpet on the December 21 rally. There appears to be growing evidence of consumer resistance to crackdowns on raw milk. And the producers themselves are sounding up in arms. Mark McAfee of Organic Pastures Dairy recently spoke about “taking back the food chain.” “The most patriotic thing we can do as farmers is rebel. Tell the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) to pasteurize themselves….The farmer will become the pharmacist for America.”

Why skeptics love to hate homeopathy. Huge article and hugely important.

Medical school faculty
ties to the drug industry:  Now it's Northwestern.

Chinese youth -- traditional (herbal) Chinese medicine is trendy and flourishing

Canada: Product safety bill faces herbal "tea party."

Do you get fat over the holidays?
Perhaps weekends are as fattening as Christmas.

: Top ten medical breakthroughs of 2009. Come on. Are these really "breakthroughs?" Really? Pretty unimpressive to us.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tamiflu:  New data calls into question its effectiveness.

Doctors increasingly closing the door to drug reps.

Introducing the $30,000 Per Month Cancer Drug. It has NOT been proven to extend patients' lives and reduces tumor size (by an unreported and therefore presumably unimpressive amount) in 27% of patients who took the drug. Wow.

Hmmm... fascinating look at human facial expressions and how they come across: angry female faces look less female...and happy guys aren't taken seriously. <note to self: no more Mr. nice guy -- begin brooding at once!>

Evidence of the astounding importance of adequate Vitamin D levels in the body just keeps pouring in. Latest: associated with survival in lymphoma patients; a gentic tie to heart disease; and long term diseases risks in infants (and nurshing mothers). "Nutritional rickets among nursing infants whose mothers have insufficient levels of vitamin D is an increasingly common, yet preventable disorder." As to this latter, a remarkable and heartbreaking story of a baby taken away from its parents because a case of Vitamin D deficiency rickets was mistaken for child abuse.

Clinical trials: 15 million Americans participate every year but it seems the guinea pigs are becoming wary.

Slim Fast recall due to bacterial contamination.

Cell phone tumors: fact or fiction?

A new Weston Price event: The Fourfold Path To Healing Conference, January 29-31 in Nashua, New Hampshire. Official announcement, here; and great write-up on the conference, here.

What to tell vegetarians who say eating meat is immoral.

As age related conditions become more prevalent: Did we all just have bad childhoods?

Were they getting enough (or any) healthy, energizing FATS?: Association of Tight Glycemic Control With Road Crashes in Diabetic Patients

H1N1 "pandemic:" mildest on record (save for the hype and hysteria). But some interesting findings from those who did get it.

Just a coincidence: Pro-vaccine article in major mag has big pharma ad right next to it.

Life extension: It may not be just caloric restriction diets that extend life, but the balance of amino acids in such diets.

Weight loss: it may not be isn't just caloric restriction that reduces weight, either. It's the ratio of the macronutrients - carbs, proteins and fats. It's the latter we are concerned with today as a new online experiment is trying the "eat fat to lose fat" theory (based on the book of that title by Mary Enig and Sally Fallon). "The Fat Experiment" is about a 21 year old woman who weighs 296 pounds at 5'8". Her goal is to lose 40-50% of her current body weight and she will do this on a diet consisting of roughly 60 percent fat. Specifically, on her "Principles" page she lists the features of healthy, traditional diets she will be following. Spot-on. I look forward to following her progress. She begins her diet by posting the following YouTube video. She obviously takes her goal very seriously. I take her at her word and wish her the utmost success.

In Canada, Naturopathic doctors are gaining new powers.

New, dangerous drugs that are harmful to your health are being created daily: coma in a bottle.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Weekend Reading

Great resources to discover and explore this cool December weekend:

Discover NTPTalk:  If you have not already found NTPTalk, it's time.  N.T.P. stands for Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, which is the certification designation one earns through the year long intensive nutrition education program at the Nutritional Therapy Association. The program is a whole foods diet based approach founded upon the ideas of the "nutritional greats" such as Weston Price and Francis Pottenger.

NTPTalk is run by Beverly Hartsfield, herself an NTP and all the articles at NTPTalk are written by fellow NTPs. The contributions by NTPs  are comprised of two categories: articles on nutrition and whole food recipes. For you "FOODIES" -- this is a must see, must know resource! Other sections include resources, educational and cooking videos, books, media -- it's all there Time for you to head on over and get acquainted!

Explore a newly emerging theory of disease and health: Doug Kaufmann of Know the Cause.com teaches that most illness has an underlying relation to fungal growth in the body. His knowledge base his huge and his experience is vast. If you have tried everything still can't solve your health issue, it's probably time to learn more about this. His site is here, and my in-depth introduction to him is here.

Find out about "primal living:" Those in the primal community avoid almost all grains regardless of the "quality" of the source. Mark's Daily Apple is a great resource for this approach to health and living.

Visit my favorite "Real Food" blogs with a Weston Price flavor: Kelly the Kitchen Kop, Hartke Is Online, Food Renegade, and the Journal of Natural Food and Healing. Tons of real information from real folks.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Sage News: 12/4; Updates all day

"New" findings presented at the annual scientific meeting of the American Heart Association find that Niacin may be more effective than cholesterol-lowering drugs. Glad they are catching up, but the cholesterol-lowering -- and other -- benefits of niacin is old news.

My name is Sarah. And I am a recovering vegetarian

Raw Milk Myths: are we prisoners of pasteurization? Lengthy, detailed,  and written by a physician. Part I. Part II.

Two speech excerpts from the recent Weston Price Conference:

Behind the Fuzzy Logic of the Raw Milk -- David Gumpert:

Raw Milk from Pasture-Fed Cows, the Ultimate Sacred Food by Ted Beals, MD:

Latest anti-raw milk hysteria: no proven links between E. coli and raw milk from Dungeness Valley Creamery. The Creamery issues a detailed statement.

More on government bias against raw milk, here.

Mammogram radiation may put some women at risk.

A growing number of women are having babies at home without medical help.

Women with breast cancer have low Vitamin D levels.  MUCH more about this here.

Now they want to jab cows with yet another toxic substance: a vaccine to prevent E.-coli. All the more reason to eat grass fed beef.

No surprise here: studies funded by Big Pharma are four times MORE likely to show outcomes favorable to -- Big Pharma. Distorted evidence?

"We plodding humans have been fighting antibiotic resistance the same way for decades: by restricting access to antibiotics and developing new drugs to kill off problem bugs. It hasn’t worked, and it’s never going to.” Antibiotic resistance. Interesting side note, the article says vitamin C can reduce antibiotic resistance, which leads one to wonder aloud --  if people had enough Vitamin C in their systems in the first place if they would even need antibiotics? In many cases, probably not.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sage News-Menu 12/3: Healthy school lunches, bone broth, and raw milk from a vending machine(!)

Unbelievable: Couple's son, 2, taken into "care" by social workers after they 'refused to feed him junk food' per doctors' orders.

Bad news for exercise addicts. Which then begs the question, why doesn't exercise always work?

A college in Pennsylvania refuses to graduate obese students.

Teaching is Not a Crime: Challenging Virginia's Unconstitutional Regulation of Yoga Teacher Training:

Who owns YOUR favorite organic food label?

Why do we have 90 times more autism than the Amish?

Surprise! Healthy school lunches increase student interest and participation.

Another Surprise: Kids eat less junk foods when schools stop providing it. “...we found that when you take soda and high-fat snacks out of schools, students did not compensate at home. Instead, they ate better at school and no worse at home."

MMR vaccine: 8 year old Dutch boy gets it and (surprise...) dies three days later...

...So it should come as no real surprise that Big Pharma Wants to Make You Sick.

So while drugs do not impart health, per se, the right foods do. This amazing Bone Broth for starters.

And if you happen to be in France, you can get some healing raw milk from a vending machine in a supercenter store, of all places!

So we have seen kids in school eating healthy, people in France drinking something healthy, what about YOU now? Are You Eating Healthy?  You will have a much better idea how to do so after reading this article.

Filed under life expectancy: fewer smokers, good. More obesity, worse.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sage News-Menu 12/2: Raw Milk, Sprouted Flour and more...

The New York Times asks "How Safe is Your Chicken Dinner?" A new study by Consumer Reports has found that two out of three whole broiler chickens are contaminated with illness-inducing bacteria, while certain types of organic chicken posed the lowest risk. Heh. The article further states "The cleanest birds were organic “air-chilled” broilers."

Top five most shocking food facts from Food, Inc. For example, cow stomachs are designed to eat GRASS, not corn. Oh and the average hamburger contains meat from 100 cows. Yes, you read that correctly.

Raw milk: Richard Boyden tells us that South Dakota is initiating a "pogrom" of economic genocide against small farm raw milk producers. Meanwhile, Missouri's attorney general is suing a couple for selling raw milk outside a health food store. "Missouri law says raw milk or cream can only be sold if a person purchases or requests it directly from a farm."

 These are but two local battles of a nationwide war involving raw milk rights. For a complete overview of what's going on, don't miss David Gumpert's new book, The Raw Milk Revolution: Behind America's Emerging Battle Over Food Rights

And from the same author, David Gumpert, Upsetting the Apple Cart: MI Group Verdict On Raw Milk -- Yes on Competitive Inhibition, Yes on Lactose Intolerance, Yes on Helping Pregnant Moms, Yes on Reducing Asthma. He asks: Did you ever think you’d see this statement endorsed by dairy regulators?

Great new find: need your grain fix? To Your Health Sprouted Flour is made to order -- never sits on a shelf in a warehouse. This is important because grains CAN become infested with fungus when they sit around.

When people in a specific area are more than ten times more likely to live to 100 than those who live elsewhere, odds are they're onto something. The secret(s) to living past 100.

SOS: Ann Louise Gittleman is looking for Fat Flushers who have lost 75 pounds or more....I have an exciting opportunity for you

 List Of Foods That Trigger Fat 

Does A High-protein Diet Cause Baldness

Dr. Mercola: Little or NOTHING can beat a healthy lifestyle if you want truly gorgeous, glowing skin.

Find out what health experts say to "Which ONE health product should you have on a desert island?"

Hmm...Why are doctors and health care workers REFUSING the swine flu vaccine?

It (was) Vegan Awareness Month & time to say why omnivorous diets are better for the planet.

Amid price gouging probe, pharmacies cut back on liquid Tamiflu price.

Study Questions Safety of Mammograms for Young Women at High Risk of Cancer.

Omnivores rejoice: Yet another reason you should eat more meat.

What decreases inflammation more: soy or dairy?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sage News-Menu 12/1

Study found that adding just a small amount of GLUCOSE to the worm's diet cut their lifespan by about 20%!

What do you expect when they keep exhorting us all to chow down on carbs?

Americans eat 22 teaspoons of sugar per day.

Study shows early hi carb diet does damage. Need to think about next time you load your kid up with sugar.

This is the worst scientific scandal of our generation. Right up there with 'the low-fat diet is good for you.'

Obesity and type 2 diabetes grow in tandem, along with the health risks, research finds Los Angeles Times

"People believe "fat makes you fat" and that since carbohydrates are fat free, they are "free" calories. ...

Great blog post about healing power of bone broth.

U.S. diabetes cases to double, costs triple by 2034.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Sage News-Menu 11/30

Whole Foods Market To Use Mobile Slaughterhouses; Will It Help or Hurt Small Farmers? Very interesting story.

And while we are at it, a proposal for a more humane system for raising and killing animals.

Mark Sison has the review of note on the new book, The Vegetarian Myth. Much to learn in the comments, too.

People go on a vegetarian diet to avoid eating animal products. Many of them gain body fat and wonder why.

Sugary colas linked to gestational diabetes.

Carbohydrate intake drives diabetes in India.

Swine flu, politics and the Centers for Disease Control. Video.

Cancer Risks from Mammogram Screening.

GlaxoSmithKline recalls 172,000 doses of the H1N1 vaccine in Canada. Guess it's a darned good thing for big-pharma that the U.S. granted them immunity from legal action.

Elderly folk's unsteadiness may be caused by prescription drugs.

Do you believe in alternative medicine? Will your insurance cover it?

Natural News
: Cancer industry abandons science to push mammograms.

Woman's leg amputated by mistake following false cancer diagnosis.