Friday, March 26, 2010

Whole Foods Market 1: "Organic Consumers Assn charges the US’ main distributors of organic foods, Whole Foods and United Natural Foods, with strong arm intimidation tactics, after OCA demanded they stop marketing conventional chemical foods as natural."

Whole Foods Market 2:  Whole Foods STILL "sells a lot of junk" but now they have dropped a very popular and "real" health food, raw milk, from their shelves.

NYT: Raw milk becomes contentious.

"Beware" raw milk...Warning from FDA.

Fatty liver
: it's not just for grown-ups anymore.

Doctors shift to health centers; away from private practice.

Facial aging is more than skin deep. Jaw angle changes adding to aging appearance.

Could your gut bacteria make you overweight?

How to prevent antibiotic-resistant bacteria: Vitamin D.

Vitamin D, Vitamin A and Cancer

Exposure to fast food can make us impatient!

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