Thursday, April 8, 2010

Farm-to-Consumer Foundation Announces
 Raw Milk Production Handbook, DVD Are Now Available as Free Downloads.

 Editorial:  Sales of Raw Milk Should Get Trial Period

"Raw foods are quickly becoming some of the hottest new commodities in the food world, not only for their purported health properties but also — as is the case with milk — for their taste."

Framingham Farm enjoying the spoils of raw milk sales.

Dr. Oz doesn't get it. Plays the "Russian Roulette" card on raw milk. Offers a variety other ways to get the benefits as though the sum of the parts were equal to the whole. Wrong.

Hansville (Washington)
farm producing raw goat milk.

"A few brave souls with a death wish in the newsroom sampled the (raw)milk. We shook it as instructed and poured a bit in clear plastic cups. I have to say, it wasn’t bad."

Organic, raw cheese: "Next Generation only heats their milk to 102 degrees, the same temperature that it was when it was produced and milked from the cow. This light heating is necessary for coagulation to take place in the cheese-making process."

Raw milk production booklet by Tim Wightman. (PDF)

State by state review of raw milk laws.(PDF)

Raw Milk: The Nourished Life on Dair-oids.

Dairy Un-Forbidden: Discover the Virtues of Raw Milk.

Support family farms and get healthy with raw milk.

CHORE TIME-Part 1 from JIM ROBERTS on Vimeo.

CHORE TIME-Part 2 from JIM ROBERTS on Vimeo.

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