Friday, December 11, 2009

The great pandemic:
a milder flu season than average. Meanwhile, in Germany, only 5% of the population has gotten the much pushed H1N1 vaccine but the German population seems not to be keeling over with flu deaths. But if you should be one of the few people who actually get some kind of flu this year, don't count on Tamiflu.

Meanwhile, the swine flu push has put other public health work on hold, like restaurant inspections.

But are we healthier?
We spend nearly twice as much on prescription drugs as we did a decade ago.

I turn on the Internet and in the media, it seems there’s something about raw milk." Fictional FDA dialogue based on positive real world trends for raw milk.

Alcohol? no; cigarretes? no. Raw milk? Yes
-- an "immanent health threat."The Georgia milk dump:

Let the consumer decide about raw milk.

Sound sleep
leads to healthy eating habits; less desire for sugar. Less sleep increases hunger. 

Abnormal heart rhythm
, atrial fibrillation, on the rise. (Nutrient depletion on the rise...) A little B-complex magnesium and CoQ10 can fix this in a hurry.

wants to sell its cholesterol drug Crestor to certain people with normal cholesterol levels.

Selling information about which doctors prescribe which drugs is big business.

Because certain types of chemotherapy can cause heart problems. Oh and Prostrate Hormone Therapy ("androgen deprivation therapy" -- sounds positively medieval) may up heart risks, too.

Become fat and lazy
and get dementia thrown in for free.

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