Thursday, December 10, 2009

“We can sell tobacco products
, why can’t we sell raw milk?” 

No, not really: 
beer could be the new weapon against prostate cancer. Dream on, men. So much "science." so little real progress against cancer.

Forget beer
. You want fermentation that's truly healthy? Try this.

Raw milk: South Dakota farmers under attack from the state Department of Agriculture. Long, important letter to the editor here. Hat tip: The Bovine. 

Our ancestors had straight teeth so why don't we?

Feeding the world:
organic production delivers. The current use of "non-renewable resources (oil at mineral   phosphates, for example), at huge cost to soil, water, wildlife and environment" can hardly be called efficient.

and aggression: all in the mind?

Cutting sugar
in kids cereals is at best a baby step in the right direction; but these junk products will never be real food. Good marketing, yes; nutrition, no.

Speaking of processed foods and children, a new article asks why children are being born with chronic dieseases. Using the famous Pottenger cat studies the author reminds us "it only took one generation of processed foods to impair the health of the next generation of cats."

Another reason avoiding excess Omega 6 fatty acids is critical: Omega 6 Linoleic Acid suppresses thyroid signalling.

Umm: natural, herbal product of the day: instant virgin.

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