Saturday, December 5, 2009

Weekend Reading

Great resources to discover and explore this cool December weekend:

Discover NTPTalk:  If you have not already found NTPTalk, it's time.  N.T.P. stands for Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, which is the certification designation one earns through the year long intensive nutrition education program at the Nutritional Therapy Association. The program is a whole foods diet based approach founded upon the ideas of the "nutritional greats" such as Weston Price and Francis Pottenger.

NTPTalk is run by Beverly Hartsfield, herself an NTP and all the articles at NTPTalk are written by fellow NTPs. The contributions by NTPs  are comprised of two categories: articles on nutrition and whole food recipes. For you "FOODIES" -- this is a must see, must know resource! Other sections include resources, educational and cooking videos, books, media -- it's all there Time for you to head on over and get acquainted!

Explore a newly emerging theory of disease and health: Doug Kaufmann of Know the teaches that most illness has an underlying relation to fungal growth in the body. His knowledge base his huge and his experience is vast. If you have tried everything still can't solve your health issue, it's probably time to learn more about this. His site is here, and my in-depth introduction to him is here.

Find out about "primal living:" Those in the primal community avoid almost all grains regardless of the "quality" of the source. Mark's Daily Apple is a great resource for this approach to health and living.

Visit my favorite "Real Food" blogs with a Weston Price flavor: Kelly the Kitchen Kop, Hartke Is Online, Food Renegade, and the Journal of Natural Food and Healing. Tons of real information from real folks.

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