Friday, December 4, 2009

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"New" findings presented at the annual scientific meeting of the American Heart Association find that Niacin may be more effective than cholesterol-lowering drugs. Glad they are catching up, but the cholesterol-lowering -- and other -- benefits of niacin is old news.

My name is Sarah. And I am a recovering vegetarian

Raw Milk Myths: are we prisoners of pasteurization? Lengthy, detailed,  and written by a physician. Part I. Part II.

Two speech excerpts from the recent Weston Price Conference:

Behind the Fuzzy Logic of the Raw Milk -- David Gumpert:

Raw Milk from Pasture-Fed Cows, the Ultimate Sacred Food by Ted Beals, MD:

Latest anti-raw milk hysteria: no proven links between E. coli and raw milk from Dungeness Valley Creamery. The Creamery issues a detailed statement.

More on government bias against raw milk, here.

Mammogram radiation may put some women at risk.

A growing number of women are having babies at home without medical help.

Women with breast cancer have low Vitamin D levels.  MUCH more about this here.

Now they want to jab cows with yet another toxic substance: a vaccine to prevent E.-coli. All the more reason to eat grass fed beef.

No surprise here: studies funded by Big Pharma are four times MORE likely to show outcomes favorable to -- Big Pharma. Distorted evidence?

"We plodding humans have been fighting antibiotic resistance the same way for decades: by restricting access to antibiotics and developing new drugs to kill off problem bugs. It hasn’t worked, and it’s never going to.” Antibiotic resistance. Interesting side note, the article says vitamin C can reduce antibiotic resistance, which leads one to wonder aloud --  if people had enough Vitamin C in their systems in the first place if they would even need antibiotics? In many cases, probably not.

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