Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sage News-Menu 12/2: Raw Milk, Sprouted Flour and more...

The New York Times asks "How Safe is Your Chicken Dinner?" A new study by Consumer Reports has found that two out of three whole broiler chickens are contaminated with illness-inducing bacteria, while certain types of organic chicken posed the lowest risk. Heh. The article further states "The cleanest birds were organic “air-chilled” broilers."

Top five most shocking food facts from Food, Inc. For example, cow stomachs are designed to eat GRASS, not corn. Oh and the average hamburger contains meat from 100 cows. Yes, you read that correctly.

Raw milk: Richard Boyden tells us that South Dakota is initiating a "pogrom" of economic genocide against small farm raw milk producers. Meanwhile, Missouri's attorney general is suing a couple for selling raw milk outside a health food store. "Missouri law says raw milk or cream can only be sold if a person purchases or requests it directly from a farm."

 These are but two local battles of a nationwide war involving raw milk rights. For a complete overview of what's going on, don't miss David Gumpert's new book, The Raw Milk Revolution: Behind America's Emerging Battle Over Food Rights

And from the same author, David Gumpert, Upsetting the Apple Cart: MI Group Verdict On Raw Milk -- Yes on Competitive Inhibition, Yes on Lactose Intolerance, Yes on Helping Pregnant Moms, Yes on Reducing Asthma. He asks: Did you ever think you’d see this statement endorsed by dairy regulators?

Great new find: need your grain fix? To Your Health Sprouted Flour is made to order -- never sits on a shelf in a warehouse. This is important because grains CAN become infested with fungus when they sit around.

When people in a specific area are more than ten times more likely to live to 100 than those who live elsewhere, odds are they're onto something. The secret(s) to living past 100.

SOS: Ann Louise Gittleman is looking for Fat Flushers who have lost 75 pounds or more....I have an exciting opportunity for you

 List Of Foods That Trigger Fat 

Does A High-protein Diet Cause Baldness

Dr. Mercola: Little or NOTHING can beat a healthy lifestyle if you want truly gorgeous, glowing skin.

Find out what health experts say to "Which ONE health product should you have on a desert island?"

Hmm...Why are doctors and health care workers REFUSING the swine flu vaccine?

It (was) Vegan Awareness Month & time to say why omnivorous diets are better for the planet.

Amid price gouging probe, pharmacies cut back on liquid Tamiflu price.

Study Questions Safety of Mammograms for Young Women at High Risk of Cancer.

Omnivores rejoice: Yet another reason you should eat more meat.

What decreases inflammation more: soy or dairy?

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