Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sage News-Menu 12/3: Healthy school lunches, bone broth, and raw milk from a vending machine(!)

Unbelievable: Couple's son, 2, taken into "care" by social workers after they 'refused to feed him junk food' per doctors' orders.

Bad news for exercise addicts. Which then begs the question, why doesn't exercise always work?

A college in Pennsylvania refuses to graduate obese students.

Teaching is Not a Crime: Challenging Virginia's Unconstitutional Regulation of Yoga Teacher Training:

Who owns YOUR favorite organic food label?

Why do we have 90 times more autism than the Amish?

Surprise! Healthy school lunches increase student interest and participation.

Another Surprise: Kids eat less junk foods when schools stop providing it. “...we found that when you take soda and high-fat snacks out of schools, students did not compensate at home. Instead, they ate better at school and no worse at home."

MMR vaccine: 8 year old Dutch boy gets it and (surprise...) dies three days later...

...So it should come as no real surprise that Big Pharma Wants to Make You Sick.

So while drugs do not impart health, per se, the right foods do. This amazing Bone Broth for starters.

And if you happen to be in France, you can get some healing raw milk from a vending machine in a supercenter store, of all places!

So we have seen kids in school eating healthy, people in France drinking something healthy, what about YOU now? Are You Eating Healthy?  You will have a much better idea how to do so after reading this article.

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